Programme of planned major works to your home

Capital works programme

Kensington and Chelsea Council is committed to investing in making great homes and communities to support our residents in leading a high quality of life. We have committed £267 million to a seven-year capital works programme which is designed to deliver this commitment ensuring that homes are modern, safe and warm.

The delivery of the programme is based on surveys that have been carried out to the inside of tenanted homes, the external areas of blocks and of communal services (such as electrics and communal heating). These surveys tell us when work needs to be carried out.

The final works schedule will be agreed following review and validation by the Capital Delivery team alongside continuous resident engagement.

Works to properties that are in the same area, or on the same estate will be planned around the same time. We try and combine external work, such as brick repointing or roofing and the cyclical decorations; in order to minimise the number of times we need to put up scaffolding.

What work falls under the Capital works programme?

Capital works, sometimes referred to as major works, improve or repair the communal and structural parts of your building.

We carry out regular maintenance to all our estates, but every building requires major works during its life. As part of this we must issue formal consultation notices to leaseholders about any work which will cost more than £250. This is covered by the Landlord and Tenant Act, 1985 and is also known as Section 20 or s20 consultation. Consultation will range from meetings on site, to meetings with contractors and the project team responsible for the work. The consultation process usually has two stages but can sometimes have three. To find out more about how we can help pay for major works, you can have a look at Payments for Home Owners.

Capital works can be split into three categories:

Major repairs

These are large, one-off jobs such as the repairing or replacing of:

  • roofs
  • lifts
  • doors
  • controlled entry systems
  • windows
  • heating systems
  • estate roads and paths
  • refuse bin areas
  • rainwater gutters and pipes
  • External repairs and redecoration
  • Kitchen and bathroom renewals
  • Fire safety work

Exterior decorations

This work includes joinery repairs, repointing around windows, replacing stone sills and painting outside woodwork, metalwork and so on.

Improvement work

The provision of an amenity and/or structure where nothing similar existed before. Examples of this include the design and build of a new concierge system or the provision of a children’s play area.

To find out if the is any planned work for your home, please search your postcode in the box below:

For any more information on our Capital works programme, please contact the Capital Delivery team by emailing