Programme of planned work

You can use this page to see work planned in your area over the next few years.


We are dedicated to providing our residents with the best homes we can.

We've therefore produced a five-year investment plan, setting out the work we're planning to carry out to estates and inside homes. It says, for example, when we plan to replace kitchens, bathrooms, lifts and communal heating systems. It's driven by our Housing Investment Standard to keep your homes and estates in a good condition.

The plan is based on surveys that have been carried out to the inside of tenanted properties, the external areas of blocks and of communal services (such as electrics and communal heating). These surveys tell us when work may be required. We're constantly updating this information with further surveys.

We will then carry out planned work in logical geographic locations, so that properties in the same area will be done at around the same time. For example, painting to the communal areas is planned within the cyclical decorations programme. We try and combine external work, such as brick repointing or roofing, to be done at the same time as the cyclical decorations are due; this minimises the number of times we need to put up scaffolding.

The plan will show when we intend to carry out work in a block; but it doesn't guarantee that we will, for example, replace a kitchen or bathroom - that will still be subject to a detailed survey to see whether the work is required or not.


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Lancaster West Estate

The Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team and Lancaster West Residents Association is working with residents on a block-by-block basis to co-design the refurbishment of the estate. Detailed engagement and design is due to be completed in 2020, with substantial refurbishment to commence in 2021.


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